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Felt, E.P., 1912. Lasiopteryx manihot n. sp. (Diptera). Canadian Entomologist 44, 144.
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Felt, E.P., 1899. Bark Louse. Country Gentleman 64, 706.
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Felt, E.P., Chamberlain, K.F., 1935. The Occurrence of Insects at Some Height in the Air, Especially on the Roofs of High Buildings, New York State Museum Circular. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.
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Felt, E.P., 1907. Fleas. Country Gentleman 72, 384.
Felt, E.P., 1911. Insects. Country Gentleman 76, 502.
Felt, E.P., 1899. The Horse Guard Identified. Country Gentleman 64, 896.
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Felt, E.P., 1914. New Gall Midges (Itonididae). Insector Inscitiae Menstruus 2, 117-123.