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Felt, E.P., 1901. Hessian Fly. Country Gentleman 66, 486.
Felt, E.P., 1898. Hessian Fly. Country Gentleman 63, 906.
Felt, E.P., 1901. The Hessian Fly. Country Gentleman 66, 709.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Hessian Fly. Country Gentleman 65, 942.
Felt, E.P., 1901. Hessian Fly; Borers. Country Gentleman 66, 442.
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Felt, E.P., 1898. The Hessian Fly in Pennsylvania. Country Gentleman 63, 547.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Hickory Gall Aphid. Country Gentleman 65, 542.
Felt, E.P., 1905. Hickory Gall Aphid. Country Gentleman 70, 564.
Felt, E.P., 1901. Hickory Gall - San Jose. Country Gentleman 66.
Felt, E.P., 1904. Hickory Leaf-gall. Country Gentleman 69, 887.
Felt, E.P., 1903. Hints to Fruit Growers and Truckers. American Agriculturist 100, 648.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Homehold Insects. Report of the Bureau of Farmers Institute, New York 86-95.
Felt, E.P., 1908. The Hop Merchant. Country Gentleman 73, 667.
Felt, E.P., 1902. Hop Vine Aphis. Country Gentleman 67, 490.
Felt, E.P., 1914. Hormomyia bulla n. sp. Canadian Entomologist 46, 286-287.
Felt, E.P., 1899. The Horse Guard Identified. Country Gentleman 64, 896.
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Felt, E.P., 1917. Household and Camp Insects, New York State Museum Bulletin. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.