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Felt, E.P., 1911. Salt and Cutworms. Country Gentleman 76, 586.
Felt, E.P., 1910. Spraying for Codling Moth. Country Gentleman 75, 322.
Felt, E.P., 1899. Arsenical Poisons. Country Gentleman 64, 128.
Felt, E.P., 1919. European Corn Borer, Pyrausta nubilalis Hubn. Economic Entomology 12, 408.
Felt, E.P., 1898. Bees Injuring Grapes. Country Gentleman 63, 226.
Felt, E.P., 1915. Gall Midges in an Orchard. Economic Entomology 8, 550.
Felt, E.P., 1902. Onion Thrips. Country Gentleman 67, 451.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Remedies for San Jose Scale. Country Gentleman 65, 965.
Felt, E.P., 1898. Apple-tree Bark Louse. Country Gentleman 63, 454.
Felt, E.P., 1902. Bedbugs in Henhouses. Country Gentleman 67, 611.
Felt, E.P., 1901. Tent Caterpillars. Country Gentleman 66, 386.
Felt, E.P., 1906. Fighting Garden Pests. Suburban Life 2, 293.
Felt, E.P., 1904. Mosquitos or Culicidae of New York State, New York State Museum Bulletin. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.
Felt, E.P., 1909. Unicorn Prominent. Country Gentleman 74, 775.
Felt, E.P., 1908. Elm Leaf Aphis. Country Gentleman 73, 647.
Felt, E.P., 1913. Gall Midges in an Aquatic or Semiaquatic Environment. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 21, 62-63.
Felt, E.P., 1911. Insects (A. anxius). Country Gentleman 76, 502.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Scale. American Agriculturist 375.
Felt, E.P., 1928. Insects and Health; Dispersal of Insects by Air Currents, New York State Museum Bulletin. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.