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Lintner, J.A., 1879. Dung Beetle. Country Gentleman 44, 695.
Lintner, J.A., 1871. Dryocampa [Basilona] imperialis Drury. Country Gentleman 36, 600.
Lintner, J.A., 1892. Distribution of the Pear Psylla. Country Gentleman 57, 831.
Lintner, J.A., 1890. Diseased Austrian Pines. Country Gentleman 55, 820.
Lintner, J.A., 1893. A Destructive Elm Tree Bark Borer. Garden and Forest 6, 76.
Lintner, J.A., 1876. Destructive Caterpillar. Country Gentleman 41, 504.
Lintner, J.A., 1869. Description of a new species of Grapta, and Notes on G. interrogatiouis.. American Entomological Society Transactions 2, 313-319.
Lintner, J.A., 1881. Description of a New Species of Eudamus.. Canadian Entomologist 13, 63-65.
Lintner, J.A., 1874. Description of a New Species of Calocampa. Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences Bulletin 2, 188-189.
Lintner, J.A., 1879. Description of a New Species of Anisota. Canadian Entomologist 11, 10-12.
Lintner, J.A., 1885. Death Watch - Clothilla pulsatoria. Country Gentleman 50, 861.
Lintner, J.A., 1893. Danger to Apple Buds. New England Homestead 27, 236.
Lintner, J.A., 1888. Cut-worms, New York State Museum Bulletin. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.
Lintner, J.A., 1872. Cut Worms in Corn. Country Gentleman 37, 339.