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Lintner, J.A., 1880. Potato Beetle - Coptocycla clavata Fabr.. Country Gentleman 45, 423.
Lintner, J.A., 1887. Lady Birds, Leaf, and Carpet Beetles. Country Gentleman 52, 381.
Lintner, J.A., 1885. False Chinch Bug. Country Gentleman 50, 661.
Lintner, J.A., 1890. Pear Leaf Blister. Country Gentleman 55, 781.
Lintner, J.A., 1889. Apple Tree Tent Caterpillar. Country Gentleman 54, 269.
Lintner, J.A., 1893. Clover Seed Caterpillar. Country Gentleman 58, 773.
Lintner, J.A., 1892. Cabbage Worms. Country Gentleman 57, 767.
Lintner, J.A., 1879. Description of a New Species of Anisota. Canadian Entomologist 11, 10-12.
Lintner, J.A., 1875. Entomological Contributions.. New York State Museum Annual Report 27, 137-148.
Lintner, J.A., 1896. Southern Corn Root Worm. Country Gentleman 61, 353.
Lintner, J.A., 1884. Insect Attack on a Julus. Canadian Entomologist 16, 80.
Lintner, J.A., 1881. Insect Enemies of the Strawberry. Country Gentleman 46, 695.
Lintner, J.A., 1888. Remedies for Scale Insects. Country Gentleman 53, 169.
Lintner, J.A., 1886. Honey Dew on the Hop Vine. Country Gentleman 51, 553.