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Lintner, J.A., 1895. Asparagus Beetle Goes North. Country Gentleman 60, 455.
Lintner, J.A., 1880. Potato Beetle - Coptocycla clavata Fabr.. Country Gentleman 45, 423.
Lintner, J.A., 1887. Lady Birds, Leaf, and Carpet Beetles. Country Gentleman 52, 381.
Lintner, J.A., 1885. False Chinch Bug. Country Gentleman 50, 661.
Lintner, J.A., 1890. Pear Leaf Blister. Country Gentleman 55, 781.
Lintner, J.A., 1887. Grape Vine Leafhopper. Country Gentleman 52, 493.
Lintner, J.A., 1885. 2nd Report on the Injurious and Other Insects of the State of New York. Weed, Parsons and Company, Albany, North Carolina.
Lintner, J.A., 1889. Grain Aphis. Country Gentleman 54, 457.
Lintner, J.A., 1894. Pear Leaf Blister Mite. Country Gentleman 59, 468.
Lintner, J.A., 1892. State Entomologist's Report. Annual Report of the New York State Museum 44, 196-404.
Lintner, J.A., 1879. Golden Tortoise Beetle. Country Gentleman 44, 407.
Lintner, J.A., 1875. Insects on Potatoes. Country Gentleman 40, 472.
Lintner, J.A., 1896. Tent Caterpillar. Country Gentleman 61, 571.
Lintner, J.A., 1884. Punctured Clover Leaf Weevil. Country Gentleman 49, 457.
Lintner, J.A., 1888. To Kill Plant Lice. Farm and Home 9, 158.
Lintner, J.A., 1886. Cockscomb Elm Gall. Country Gentleman 51, 695.
Lintner, J.A., 1890. Eggs in Plum Twig. Country Gentleman 55, 407.