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Felt, E.P., 1903. Insecticides and Notes. Country Gentleman 68, 47.
Felt, E.P., 1901. The Hessian Fly. Country Gentleman 66, 709.
Felt, E.P., 1906. Squash and Cucumber Pests. Country Gentleman 71, 800.
Felt, E.P., 1905. San Jose Scale on the Move. Garden Magazine 1, 284.
Felt, E.P., 1909. Celery Blight. Country Gentleman 71, 971.
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Felt, E.P., 1900. Practical Spraying. Country Gentleman 65, 640.
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Felt, E.P., 1898. Ants. Country Gentleman 64, 346.
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Felt, E.P., 1898. A Destructive Borer (A. anxius). Country Gentleman 63, 993.
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Felt, E.P., 1898. Aphids in Greenhouse. Country Gentleman 63, 247.
Felt, E.P., 1915. New North American Gall Midges. Canadian Entomologist 47, 226-232.
Felt, E.P., 1902. Gartered Plume Moth. Country Gentleman 67, 491.
Felt, E.P., 1900. Homehold Insects. Report of the Bureau of Farmers Institute, New York 86-95.