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Van Nest, Dr. Julieann Van Nest, Dr. Julieann
Geoarchaeologist, Quaternary Geologist
(518) 474-5814
Geoarchaeology, Quaternary studies
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Van Nest, J. 2008. Perch Lake's Enigmatic Mounds. Legacy: The Magazine of the New York State Museum 4(3):14-15.

Van Nest, J. 2004. Introduction to the Perch Lake Mounds. Bulletin Jefferson County Historical Society 33:8-10.

Van Nest, J. 2004. Review of "The Sheguiandah Site: Archaeological, Geological and Paleobotanical Studies at a Paleoindian Site on Manitoulin Island, Ontario", edited by P.J. Julig. Geoarchaeology 19:179-181.

Van Nest, J., Charles, D. K., Buikstra, J. E., and Asch, D. L. 2001. Sod Blocks in Illinois Hopewell Mounds. American Antiquity 66:633-650.

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Kelly, J.E., J.A. Brown, J.M. Hamlin, L.S. Kelly, L. Kozuch, K. Parker, and J. Van Nest. 2007. Mound 34: The Context for the Early Evidence of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex at Cahokia. In Southeastern Ceremonial Complex: Chronology, Iconography, and Meaning, edited by A. King, pp. 57-87. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Van Nest, J. 2006. Rediscovering This Earth: Some Ethnogeological Aspects of the Illinois Valley Hopewell Mounds. In Recreating Hopewell, edited by D. K. Charles, and J. E. Buikstra, pp. 402-426. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Charles, D. K., J. Van Nest, and J.E. Buikstra. 2004. From the Earth: Minerals and Meaning in the Hopewellian World. In Soils, Stones and Symbols: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives on the Mineral World, edited by N. Boivin, and M.A. Owoc, pp. 43-70. University College London Press, London.

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