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Kozlowski, Dr. Andrew Kozlowski, Dr. Andrew
Glacial Geologist
(518) 486-2012
Pleistocene glacial geology
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Kozlowski, A. 2015. Mapping and Materials. Material Matters Spring:20-21.

Sherrod, L., Schlosser, K., Kozlowski, A., Bird, B., Wekima, D. D., and Swiontek, J. 2014. Geophysical Characterization of the Keene Valley Landslide in New York State. Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 19(3):139-155.

Kehew, A. L., Ewald, S. K., Esch, J. M., and Kozlowski, A. L. 2013. On the Origin of Tunnel Valleys of the Saginaw Lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet; Michigan, USA. Boreas 42:442-462.

Gentoso, M. J., Evenson, E. B., Kodama, K. P., Iverson, N. R., Alley, R. B., Berti , C., and Kozlowski, A. 2012. Exploring Till Bed Kinematics Using AMS Magnetic Fabrics and Pebble Fabrics: The Weedsport Drumlin Field, New York State, USA. Boreas 41:31-41.

Kehew, A. E., Esch, J. M., Kozlowski, A. L., and Ewald, S. E. 2012. Glacial landsystems and dynamics of the Saginaw Lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, Michigan, USA. Quaternary International 260:21-31.

Duskin, P., Pullammanappallil, S., and Kozlowski, A. L. 2008. Shear Wave Testing for Soil Loss Over Culverts. Journal of National Council on Highway Geophysics (December):

Kozlowski, A. 2007. Searching Old Ground with New Methods. Legacy: The Magazine of the New York State Museum 3(1):7.

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Kehew, E. A., A. L. Kozlowski, B. C. Bird, and J. M. Esch. 2013. Contrasting Terrains of the Lake Michigan and Saginaw Lobes of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Southern Michigan;. In Insights into the Michigan Basin Salt Deposits, Impact Structure, Youngest Basin Bedrock, Glacial Geomorphology, Dune Complexes and Coastal Bluff Stability. Field Guide 31, edited by R. Gillespie, pp. 15-36. Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado.

Bradley, J. A., M. Younge, and A. Kozlowski. 2010. The Sundler Sites: Reconstructing the Late Pleistocene Landscape and its People in the Capital Region of New York. In Soldiers, Cities, and Landscapes: Papers in Honor of Charles L. Fisher. New York State Museum Bulletin 513, edited by P. B. Drooker, and J. P. Hart, pp. 213-224. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York.

Kehew, A. E., M. L. Lord, A. L. Kozlowski, and T. G. Fisher. 2009. Proglacial Megaflooding Along the Margins of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. In Megaflooding on Earth and Mars, edited by M. Burr, P. A. Carling, and V. R. Baker, pp. 104-127. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.

Kehew, A. E., M. L. Lord, and A. L. Kozlowski. 2007. Glacifluvial Landforms of Erosion. In Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, edited by S. A. Elias, pp. 818-831. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kehew, A. E., and A. L. Kozlowski. 2007. Tunnel Channels of the Saginaw Lobe, Michigan, USA. In Applied Quaternary Research in the Central Part of Glaciated Terrain. Special Paper 46, edited by P. Johansson, and P. Sarala, pp. 69-78. Geological Survey of Finland.

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De Simone, D. J., G. R. Wall, N. G. Miller, J. A. Rayburn, and A. L. Kozlowski 2008 Glacial Geology of the Northern Hudson through Southern Champlain Lowlands. Guidebook to Field Trips.. Report prepared for 71st Annual Reunion Northeastern Friends of the Pleistocene, Glens Falls, New York.

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