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Lothrop, Dr. Jonathan C Lothrop, Dr. Jonathan C
Curator of Archaeology
Native American prehistory of Northeastern North America; Paleoindian and Archaic periods; Lithic analysis; Prehistoric settlement adaptations; Analyzing activity structure on prehistoric sites; Modelling archaeological site formation.
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Research & Collections :: Research :: Anthropology
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Lothrop, J. C., Newby, P. E., Spiess, A. E., and Bradley, J. W. 2011. Paleoindians and the Younger Dryas in the New England-Maritimes Region. Quaternary International 242:546-569.

Feranec, R. S., Miller, N. G., Lothrop, J. C., and Graham, R. W. 2011. The Sporormiella proxy and End-Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinction: A Perspective. Quaternary International 245:333-338.

Lothrop, J. C., and Cremeens, D. L. 2010. 33Ms391: A Paleoindian Site in Southeastern Ohio. Current Research in the Pleistocene 27:120-122.

Lothrop, J. C. 2010. Prehistoric Birdstones. Legacy: The Magazine of the New York State Museum 5(3):16.

Cremeens, D. L., and Lothrop, J. C. 2009. Geoarchaeology of a Strath Terrace in the Upper Ohio Valley, West Virginia. Soil Science Society of America Journal 73:390-402.

Lothrop, J. C. 2009. The New York Paleoindian Database Project: A Call for Data. New York State Archaeological Society Newsletter 5(3):6.

MacDonald, D. H., Manzano, B., Lothrop, J. C., Cremeens, D. L., Parker, K. C., and Shreckengost, B. 2009. With Mica We Mourn: Fort Ancient Mortuary Practices at Clark Rockshelter, Kentucky. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 34:249-278.

Lothrop, J. C. 2008. A New Look at Paleoindian Lifeways in the Ice Age. Legacy: The Magazine of the New York State Museum 4(2):8.

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Lothrop, J. C., and J. A. Bradley. 2012. Paleoindian Occupations in the Hudson Valley, New York. In Late Pleistocene Archaeology and Ecology in the Far Northeast, edited by C. Chapdelaine, and R. A. Boisvert, pp. 9-47. Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas.

Lothrop, J. C. 2009. Foreword. In Paleoamericans and Paleoenvironment at the Vail site, Maine, edited by R. M. Gramly, pp. 7. Persimmon Press, North Andover, Massachusetts.

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