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Tollerton, Victor P  
Research Associate (Paleontology)
Research & Collections :: Research :: Geology

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van Iten, H., Tollerton, Jr., V. P., Ver Straeten, C. A., Leme, J. DM, Simos, M. G., and Rodrigues, S. C. 2013. Life Mode of In Situ Conularia in a Middle Devonian Epibole. Palaeontology 56(1):29-48.

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Braddy, S. J., V. P. Tollerton, Jr., P. R. Racheboeuf, and R. Schallreuter. 2004. Eurypterids, Phyllocarids, and Ostracodes. In The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event, edited by B. D. Webby, F. Paris, M.L. Droser, and I.G. Percival, pp. 255-265. Columbia University Press, New York, New York.

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Tollerton, Jr., V. P. 2004 Paleontology of the Lower Utica Shale at Rural Grove, Montgomery County, New York. Report prepared for New York State Museum, Albany, New York.

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