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Bielinski, Stefan Bielinski, Stefan
Community Historian emeritus
(518) 474-6917
Early American History; multi-cultural roots of pre-industrial New York; community history, public history; African American and minority history; Colonial Albany Social History Project; Conference on New York State History
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Bielinski, S. 2010. The People of Colonial Albany Live Online. Legacy: The Magazine of the New York State Museum 6(1):10-12.

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Bielinski, S. 1986. Dutchmen on the Bay: The Ethnohistory of a Contractual Community. New York History 67:365-367.

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Bielinski, S. 2002. The Edge of the Frontier on the Eve of the Revolution: The Last Days of Colonial Albany. In Cities Under Siege, edited by L. Carle, pp. 273-282. , Montalcino, Italy.

Bielinski, S. 1991. The New Netherland Dutch: Settling In and Spreading Out in Colonial Albany. In The American Family: Historical Perspectives, edited by J. Hunter, and P. Mason, pp. 1-15. Duquesne University Press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bielinski, S. 1990. Transition and Change: Episodes in the Coming of Age of an Early American Community, Albany, New York, 1780-1793. In World of the Founders: New York Communities in the Federal Period, edited by S. L. Schechter, and W. Tripp, pp. 109-138. New York State Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitition, Albany, New York.

Bielinski, S. 1988. The People of Colonial Albany, 1650-1800: The Profile of a Community. In Authority and Resistance in Early New York, edited by W. Pencak, and C. E. Chapin, pp. 1-26. New York Historical Society, New York, New York.

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