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Durham boats  passing a lock The Durham Project
is a research and education initiative in transportation geography that locates and interprets the physical remains of New York's earliest canals and navigation improvements, developed in the quarter century before the Erie Canal, and focusing on heritage sites on State lands.

Colonial Albany  street scene The Colonial Albany Social History Project
is a model community history program formed to understand pre-industrial community life by studying the contributions of the diverse peoples who lived in the city of Albany during its formative years.

Other Resources
    The Digital Collections of the NY State Office of Cultural Education
    This site provides a gateway to primary source materials held by the State Archives, State Library, and State Museum. Through the collection, you can access photographs, textual materials, artifacts, government documents, manuscripts, and other materials.

    New York State Archives
    The Archives identifies, accessions, and preserves those records of New York State government that have permanent value, in terms of history, government accountability and research.

    New York State Library
    The Library provides information services for the government and people of New York State through its direct services and interlibrary loan program. In the Cultural Education Center, the Library has a collection of over 20 million items, filling 96 linear miles of shelving, and 18,000 cubic feet of manuscripts and other special collections.

    Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting
    ETV/PB is charged with maintaining a financially sound broadcasting system in the State through the administration of local assistance funds for the operational, programmatic and instructional needs of the 11 State public television stations and 16 public radio stations.

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