Exploring Rocks: Science Intersects Art

Looking at pattern, texture, composition and form is essential to scientific investigation and part of looking at art. These magnified images reveal the monumental structure and splendid configuration that exist even within the smallest natural forms. Noticing pattern and form, from the repetitive angles in Steel Trellis to the tangled maze in Barefoot on Broken Glass, is one step towards recognizing elements that are common to both art and science.

Nature's forms evoke feelings from agitation to awe, confusion to inspiration. Look for shapes and textures all around you. Some are too small to see with the naked eye; others too grand to survey at a glance. Some exist in nature; others are created by artists, architects and engineers. By looking at these elements pattern, texture, and form -- understanding of nature and art begins.



splendor_mis_art_1.jpg - 39115 Bytes
Naxos, Greece
Crossed Polarizers



splendor_mis_art_2.jpg - 62465 Bytes
North-East Greenland
Crossed polarizers with gypsum plate

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