Splendor in Stone Tour

splendortour.jpg - 14565 Bytes   The 28 images in the tour are pictures of thin slices of rocks viewed through a polarizing microscope. The images beg the question: -What on Earth is that?- Is this where Science Intersects Art? At the same time they illustrate geologic processes strategically captured inside a wide range of rock types.

Each image has a corresponding label and line drawing. The labels are formatted as follows:

Rock name
Text (all mineral names are italicized)
Light type used for photograph (What are the possibilities?)

The label text highlights one or two interesting aspects of the image; it is not meant to be comprehensive. Since it is impossible to describe an image without using the geologist's language of mineral names, the line drawings were added to help the viewer identify the minerals that are seen in the image and referred to in the text. Think of the line drawing as a map of the corresponding picture.

ball imagePhengite
ball imageCrenulations
ball imageCordierite and Quartz
ball imageReaction Corona
ball imageVolcanic Glass
ball imageDiopside in Marble
ball imageStaurolite
ball imageSpiral Inclusion Trail
ball imageTwo Foliations
ball imageGlaucophane
ball imageEnstatite Changing to Talc
ball imageBubble Filling
ball imageLobate Symplectites
ball imageFossils in Mud
  ball imageChlorite
ball imagePoikiolitic Pyroxene
ball imageOolitic Sandstone
ball imageFolds
ball imageEpidote Fringe on Garnet
ball imageScapolite in Microcline
ball imageSieved Pyroxene
ball imageStilbite
ball imageFossil Hash
ball imageGarnet and Pyroxene
ball imageFolded Phlogopite
ball imageGarnet Replacing Feldspar
ball imageSillimanite and Biotite
ball imageRecycled Sandstone

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