Seneca Ray Stoddard
Top Decoration

Fort Ticonderoga

Bottom Decoration
Some of Stoddard’s earliest photographs are of these ruins of the colonial fort, well before their 20th-century restorations. The setting especially appealed to him as he returned to the site many times. Other artists before him did likewise. Certainly, the location was among the best known to a national audience. Stoddard’s views transcend that historical significance, emphasizing the Adirondacks’ reclaiming of this battle-scarred landscape.
  • Mt. Defiance, from Ft. Ticonderoga, 1871 New York State Museum, H-1972.84.319
  • Ruins of Fort Ticonderoga, 1882 New York State Museum, H-1972.84.316
  • Ruins of Ft. Ticonderoga, Parade Ground, 1871 New York State Museum, H-1972.84.318