Birds of New York

Ongoing Exhibition
Bird Hall

New York’s diverse wildlife habitats attract over 240 species of birds that breed within the state, and over 450 different bird species that spend at least part of the year here. From Chautauqua to Montauk, and from Staten Island to the Quebec border, the birds and their habitats change according to the landscape, altitude and proximity to urban centers.

This exhibit highlights many of the incredible birds that call New York State home, placing them each in their unique natural environment. 

Dynamic Dioramas

View 17 dioramas displaying over 130 taxidermy mounts of New York birds, organized by habitat.

Beautiful Birds

Observe up close New York’s smallest birds, like warblers, to some of the largest including owls, hawks, and herons.

Fun Facts: Did you know?!

  • The Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) was designated the official state bird of New York in 1970
  • Ring-necked pheasants are originally from China 
  • In winter, huge flocks of water fowl that breed in the arctic call New York’s tidal bays and marshes home. 
  • The New York State Museum’s Ornithology Collection contains over 20,000 egg specimens

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