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Dr. Julieann Van Nest


GISc, Certificate in Geographical Information Systems, 2009, University of North Dakota
Ph.D., Geology (Quaternary Studies), 1997, University of Iowa
M.S., Geology (Quaternary Studies), 1987, University of Iowa
B.S., Geology, 1983, University of North Dakota
B.A., Anthropology, 1983, University of North Dakota


My research centers around some of the interdisciplinary aspects of Quaternary Geology and Archaeology, with special emphases on landscape archaeology and comparative studies of the earthen architecture of North American mounds and enclosures. My guiding philosophy is that every place tells an interesting story, and every archaeological site study deserves a geoarchaeological perspective to generate important primary archaeological data about the fundamental nature of sites, and to minimize the loss of contextual information from sites being destroyed.


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Van Nest, J., 2006. Rediscovering This Earth: Some Ethnogeological Aspects of the Illinois Valley Hopewell Mounds, in: Charles, D.K., Buikstra, J.E. (Eds.), Recreating Hopewell. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, pp. 402-426.
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