Dispersion of Pollens from Low-Level, Crosswind Line Sources

TitleDispersion of Pollens from Low-Level, Crosswind Line Sources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsRaynor, GS, Ogden, EC, Hayes, JV
JournalAgricultural Meteorology
Dispersion and deposition of pollens emitted naturally from 80-m long, crosswind, line sources of living plants and of pollens sprayed from a moving vehicle were studied in a set of 45 experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Concentrations were measured by 276 wind-impaction samplers mounted in a square array which included four heights at each of 69 positions. Deposition was measured by greased microscope slides on the ground. Data are presented as functions of distance from the source, pollen type and release height for decrease in concentration, plume height, mass flux, deposition and deposition velocity. Results are compared with those from previous point and area source dispersion experiments. Values computed from a multi-point source, Gaussian-plume diffusion model gave reasonably good agreement with the experimental measurements.