Taxonomic Notes on Some North American Orchids

TitleTaxonomic Notes on Some North American Orchids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsCatling, PM, Sheviak, CJ

Five taxa are discussed. (1) The new name Sacoila lanceolata var. lanceolata f. albidaviridis Catling and Sheviak is provided for the whitish-green-flowered plants, recently referred to var. luteoalbus (Rchb.f.) Luer, that occur in Florida. (2) The hydrid of Spiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. lacera and S. romanzoffiana Cham., now known from 4 localities ranging from New Brunswick west to Wisconsin, is described as Spiranthes x simpsonii Catling and Sheviak. Like its parents it has a sparsely pubescent rachis. The lip is oblong as in S. lacera var. lacera (Raf.) Raf., but the basal calli are relatively small, and the lateral sepals are basally connate and usually terminally connivent as in S. romanzoffiana Cham. The pollen in groups of 1 to 8, including the normal tetrads, is a distinctive feature of this hybrid. (3) Patterns of variation within the genus Cephalanthera and the occurrence of saprophytes in Europe and China suggest against recognizing the single North American representative within genus Eburyophyton. (4) The two species of Datylorhiza naturalized in eastern North America are D. majalis (Rchb.f.) P. F. Summerhayes ssp. praetermissa (Druce) D. M. Moore and Soo from Newfoundland, and D. cf. fuchsii (Druce) Soo from northern Ontario. (5) The new combination Platanthera zothecina (Higgins and Welsh) Catling and Sheviak is provided.