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Felt, E.P., 1907. Two Common Orchard Scales. Country Gentleman 72, 552.
Felt, E.P., 1907. Two Destructive Borers. Suburban Life 4, 300.
Felt, E.P., 1918. Two Injurious Leaf Maggots. International Garden Club Journal 2, 425-426.
Lintner, J.A., 1897. Two Insects. Country Gentleman 62, 106.
Lintner, J.A., 1887. Two Marked Tree Hopper. Country Gentleman 52, 783.
Felt, E.P., 1910. Two New Cecidomyiidae. Entomological News 21, 10-12.
Peck, C.H., 1876. Two New Fungi. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 6, 77.
Felt, E.P., 1911. Two New Gall Midges. Canadian Entomologist 43, 194-196.
Felt, E.P., 1911. Two New Gall Midges (Dipt.). Entomological News 22, 109-111.
Felt, E.P., 1924. Two New Javanese Gall Midges. Treubia 2, 89-92.
Felt, E.P., 1917. Two New Sawflies. Canadian Entomologist 49, 191-192.
Peck, C.H., 1881. Two New Species of Fungi. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 8, 49-51.
Lintner, J.A., 1879. Two Pests of the Clover Plant. Country Gentleman 44, 631.
Lintner, J.A., 1879. Two Spotted Lady Bug. Country Gentleman 44, 407.
Felt, E.P., 1903. Two Tree Pests. Country Gentleman 68, 852.
Ruedemann, R., 1939. Type invertebrate fossils of North America (Devonian): Eurypterida, 17 Cards. Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Ritchie, W.A., 1961. A Typology and Nomenclature for New York Projectile Points, New York State Museum Bulletin. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New Jersey.