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Votes for Women

Votes for Women: Celebrating New York’s Suffrage Centennial

In honor of Women's History Month, we offer this preview of Votes for Women, opening in November 2017. Additionally, view a list of venues throughout the state that are hosting a traveling version of this exhibition.

Ice Ages

Ice Ages

This long-term exhibition explores both the landscape and animals of the Pleistocene, or Ice Ages, of New York.

Cohoes Mastodon

The Cohoes Mastodon

For the past 150 years, the Cohoes Mastodon has been a beloved feature of the New York State Museum. Learn more about its life and origins, its ancient and modern past, and how the Cohoes Mastodon will continue to intrigue and thrill Museum-goers for years to come.

Proposed view of museum renovation

The State Museum is proud to share a master plan for the renovation of the Museum's galleries. The master plan calls for 35,000 square feet of new...

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