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County and Borough Historian's Institute

On August 25th, 2017, the Office of State History and Office of Cultural Education hosted the 2017 County and Borough Historians' Institute, a day-long facilitated workshop. The day was a success and allowed for an interesting and informative exchange of ideas between historians from across the...

2017 Battle of Minisink Commemoration

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, I had the honor of being asked to give the keynote address at the 238th Anniversary of the Battle of Minisink Commemoration.  I was asked to attend and speak at the event by Sullivan County Historian John...

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County and Borough Historians’ Institute

August 25th, 2017 9:00am-5:00pm

New York State Museum
Huxley Theater
222 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY

Goal—The County and Borough...

Aaron Noble
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This is the first article in an ongoing series from professional publishers on current trends in the field of New York State History.

Trends in the History of Early New York

Big history is making a comeback in the subfield of early American history. Or...

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(This article was originally published in the March issue of Perspectives on History by the American Historical Association)

As part of a 2013 AHA Roundtable in Perspectives about the Supreme Court ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which upheld affirmative action in...

Suffrage Wagon


Honoring the Fight for Women's Rights

From the inception of the women’s rights movement in Seneca Falls in 1848, New York has been a leader in advancing women’s equality.

To honor the centennial of women's...


Greetings and Happy (Belated) New Year! 

2017 is a huge year for History in New York State.  Throughout the year we are celebrating several important and exciting anniversaries including the 200th anniversary of the beginning of construction of the Erie Canal, the 100th...


Several months ago, New York State Historian Devin Lander sent out a survey to the various municipalities in New York about their local government historian. This survey included questions such as: salary, time spent at the post, college degree and type, the facilities offered to them as the...

men of Bronze
Signatures on Paper

The Madison County World War I project was an offshoot of a project we undertook in 2013.  Each year in October we host Archives Day, usually displaying documents from our archives.  In 2013 we decided to “create new archives.”  Partnering with local libraries, we created a list of all WWII...

While researching for the 2013 Archives Day we found a box that housed the book Madison County’s Welcome Home for her Sons and Daughters who served in the World War from 1917 to 1919, published in 1919 by the Oneida Dispatch Press and Madison County’s WWI register.  Each source has its...

With assistance from the County Clerk’s Office, Madison County Veterans Office and a number of local libraries, I compiled as much information as I could from the above sources and more, and continue to update the list as more information becomes available.  Our goal is to have as comprehensive...

Suffragette Mothers on the March in New York

“We fall forward,” said women in New York in November 1915 when the suffrage bill failed by 80,000 votes. After that initial stumble, two years later New York voters passed the 1917 Suffrage Amendment. President Wilson then changed his position on the issue of women voting and in August 1919...

Dr. Jason K. Duncan

Article originally appeared in America: The National Catholic Review.  Access article HERE.

Dr. Bruce W. Dearstyne

2017 is New York State's 240th birthday! The first State Constitution was finished and approved in Kingston on April 20, 1777, and promulgated two days later by being read from the courthouse steps in that city.  The document had been written on the fly by a hastily elected Provincial Congress,...

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