CTLE Professional Development Workshops for Educators

The New York State Museum is an approved provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE). Through NYSM Workshops, participants gain access to real-world applications, authentic research, and thoughtful lessons that accelerate an understanding of the natural sciences. Since 2001, our PhD-level researches have provided excellent educational opportunities for teachers. 

Teacher workshops at the Museum:

  • Are aligned with New York State Learning Standards;
  • Are led by leading science and history research professionals;
  • Encourage hands-on and inquiry-based training opportunities;
  • Assist teachers in renewing educational material with current content; and
  • Provide CTLE Professional Development Credits.

Annual Workshop Descriptions

  • DH Cadwell Earth Science Workshop

    Held annually in July.
    Join State Museum geologists at the DH Cadwell Earth Science Workshop and learn more about Earth Science and New York's unique geology. Real world applications of current research address the New York State Learning Standards. Varied presentations, discussions, exercises and field trips will be led by staff geologists. Topics include sedimentary and glacial geology, paleontology, mineralogy, metamorphic and igneous petrology, geological influences on ecology, and more.

  • Evolution Workshop

    Coming in January. Registration begins in September.
    This one-day workshop (8 contact hours) is designed for high school and middle school science teachers and addresses New York State Learning Standards. Teachers will learn about current evolutionary theory, recent discoveries, and resources and ideas for effective classroom exercises. 

Online CTLE Credit

Educators can earn CTLE credit by watching any of the following webinars and completing the surveys linked below each video.  Please allow up to two weeks to receive confirmation of completion.

Lee Family in front of Tuck High, c. 1947

Three New York Chinatown Stories at Tuck High

CTLE Credit (1.5 hours)

The Tuck High Company store, sold to the New York State Museum in 1980, embodies tens of thousands of stories about what Chinatown was truly about. Jack Tchen, cross-cultural historian and co-founder of the Museum of Chinese in America, shares three stories interweaving the lives of a tea merchant, a “laundryman,” and the Irish “Mayor of Chinatown” in this Museum presentation.

Blue/White Plates

The Lives of Enslaved People through the Objects They Left Behind

CTLE Credit (1.5 hours)

Join Dr. Michael Lucas as he explores how artifacts excavated at the 18th-century John Bogart House site in Albany provide insight into enslaved individuals and how they claimed some power and control over their own lives through the manipulation of material objects.

Votes for Women Gallery

360 Gallery Tour: Votes for Women

CTLE Credit (1 hour)

Learn about the history of the suffrage movement in New York State through artifacts on display and highlighted women who led this equal rights movement. Viewers can navigate throughout the space using their touchscreen or mouse. 

Spirit of Sacrifice

360 Gallery Tour: A Spirit of Sacrifice: New York State in the First World War

CTLE Credit (1 hour)

Join Senior Historian and Curator Aaron Noble for a tour of the New York State Museum’s World War I Centennial exhibition, “A Spirit of Sacrifice: New York State in the First World War.” 

New Netherland Institute Video

New Netherland Research and Collections in the Office of Cultural Education

CTLE Credit (.75 hours)

Join Dr. Charles Gehring, Director of the New Netherland Research Center, Dr. Michael Lucas, State Museum Historic Archaeologist, and Dr. Jennifer Lemak, State Museum Chief Curator of History, as they discuss their research and highlight important documents and artifacts in their respective collections.

Ice Ages Tundra Landscape Murual

You Are What You Eat: How Chemistry Informs About Ancient Ecosystems

CTLE Credit (.75 hours)

Dr. Robert S. Feranec, Curator of Pleistocene vertebrate paleontology, will discuss how he uses different chemicals in fossilized teeth and bones to understand how and where ancient animals lived, and how that may have changed over time.

A New York Minute in History logo

A New York Minute in History Podcast

CTLE Credit (.5 hours)

A New York Minute In History is a production of the New York State Museum, WAMC, and Archivist Media, with support from The William G. Pomeroy Foundation. The podcast is produced by Jesse King and Jim Levulis of WAMC Northeast Public Radio. CTLE is offered for a select number of podcast episodes as listed below:

NYSM African American Collection

Highlights from the NYSM History Collection: Focus on African American-related Collections

CTLE Credit (.5 hours)

Join Chief Curator of History Dr. Jennifer Lemak to learn about some of the artifacts in the Museum’s collection that relate to African American history.

The Jessup Family: A Free African American Household in Early NY, 1790–1830

Video Presentation: The Jessup Family: A Free African American Household in Early NY, 1790–1830

CTLE Credit (.5 hours)

In this video presentation, NYSM archaeologist Michael Lucas discusses artifacts recovered from excavations of the late 18th-century Jessup house in Brookhaven, NY, and what they can tell us about the choices made by the Jessup family as they confronted economic inequality and racism in New York.

Every Prison is Attica

Every Prison Is Attica: A Short Documentary Film by David Kuhn

CTLE Credit (.5 hours)

This online screening of Every Prison Is Attica, a short documentary film directed and produced by David Kuhn, is followed by a question-and-answer session led by New York State Museum Senior Historian Aaron Noble, curator of the Museum’s exhibit, Open Wounds: The 50-Year Legacy of the Attica Prison Uprising.

Field Trip to the NYSM Logo

Field Trip to the NYSM Entomology Collection

CTLE Credit (.5 hours)

Join New York State Entomologist, Dr. Timothy McCabe, as he reveals more incredible insects and fun facts on a tour of the NYSM Entomology collection.