Bird Hall Renovation

In October 2015 the Museum opened a newly renovated area of Bird Hall - "Tidal Bays and Marshes". There are a total of six "bays" in Bird Hall, and Museum staff will be renovating each bay to give visitors a renewed Birds of New York exhibition experience.

A major goal of the renovation is to place bird specimens in more realistic-looking environments so visitors have a better understanding of bird habitats. Museum staff conducted extensive image searches to obtain photographs that accurately depict these habitats. Also, bird specimens were refreshed by carefully cleaning them and applying paint to areas, such as the beaks, where colors had faded.

The Museum will continue Bird Hall renovations over the next few years. In addition to renovating all the current bays, two additional cases will be renovated to include a case on extinct birds and a case on New York State bird success stories. Stay tuned for the next bay to be renovated: Ponds and Marshes.