Deciphering the Still-Largely-Unknown Geology of the Catskills

12:10 PM –12:30 PM (followed by brief Q & A period)
Huxley Theater

Join Curator of Sedimentary Rocks, Dr. Chuck Ver Straeten to learn more about the Catskill Mountains. Between Andes-size mountains to the east and a broad shallow sea to the west, the nearly 400 million year old rocks of today’s Catskills were formed. Sand, mud, and gravel eroding from the tall young Appalachian Mountains was deposited by rivers across a broad, gently sloping landscape. Between the rivers grew some of Earth’s oldest forests. Still little known, the Devonian-age rocks of the Catskills continue to reveal their secrets. 

This program includes a 20 minute talk and Dr. Ver Straeten will be happy to answer any questions following the presentation. Participants are welcomed to bring their lunches.