Halloween Spooktacular

10:00 am
Online Only

Get into the Halloween spirit with the New York State Museum virtually this year! On-line activities posted below feature sensational storytelling, craft demos, science, and a close-up look at the Museum’s costume collections. The Albany Public Library also joins in on the fun with spooky stories and sing-alongs. Enjoy your very own spooktacular event at home! Yes!


    One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater

    Create this silly monster or your own crazy creature using the template and directions provided in the demonstration. Use the template as a guide or to inspire your creature construction! 


    Moon Phases

    Take a closer look at the moon with this activity and learn how the sun helps it shine so bright!



    The Jewish annual harvest holiday of Sukkot is celebrated this year at the beginning of October. Join Museum Educator Ben Russell for stories from the Ashkenazi Jewish community. He will share two traditional stories from Chelm, Poland. The first is “The New Cemetery,” a tale of townspeople building a new cemetery. The second is “The Talking Dead Man,” which tells of a person who still talks after he has died—so does that mean he isn’t dead? Please note: Stories are family friendly and not scary. They range in time from 7–10 minutes each.


    Static Electricity: Facts and Craft

    Have you ever had an unexpected and sudden shock when you touch a doorknob, or has your hair ever stood straight up after going down a slide? That’s static electricity! Using construction paper, tissue paper, and a balloon we will create static electricity to make objects move!
    PDF iconspooktacular_bat-template_a.pdf


    Behind the Scenes Tour of the NYSM’s Clothing Collections

    Join Collections Technician Connie Frisbee-Houde for a glimpse into the clothing collections at the Museum and what might be put together as costumes for Halloween. Though these collections are preserved for the historical record and therefore never to be worn again, one can imagine all different kinds of characters coming forward to celebrate this fun fall holiday. 


    Bat Craft!

    We are just batty for bats! Learn some facts about the interesting little brown bat and make your very own model by following the craft demo and template provided.
    PDF iconspooktacular_bat-template_a.pdf