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Science Café: Ice Ages, Climate Change, Extinctions, and Future Predictions

6 pm

Learn about how the last Ice Age helps us understand events occurring throughout the world today. Scientists have observed similar causes and consequences between current temperature changes and those that occurred approximately 12,000 years ago, when rising temperatures contributed to a major extinction event. Focusing on North America and New York in particular, Dr. Robert S. Feranec, curator of Ice Age animals at the New York State Museum, will discuss what information we can use from the Ice Age extinctions that can inform our understanding of modern climate change and better predict how animals and plants might respond.

This program is free and located at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen in downtown Albany, New York. Food and drink will be available for purchase. For more information, please call (518) 474-0575 or visit

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen is located at 79 North Pearl Street Albany, New York 12207 (