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Sojourner Truth: A Re-enactment by D. Colin

2-3 pm
Huxley Theater

Abolitionist and suffragette Sojourner Truth is arguably most well known for her speech, “Ain’t I a Woman,” but the breadth of her life, the details of her courage, and even her words often get lost between the lines of American history. Poet and artist D. Colin performs a reenactment that serves as an invitation into the life story of Sojourner Truth, whose work put a lens on the intersection of race and gender, aided in the liberation of African Americans from slavery, pushed for the right to vote, and reminds us all about the powerful endurance of the human spirit.

The 45-minute reenactment presentation will be followed by a Q & A with D. Colin as Sojourner Truth.


Danielle Colin
Actor D Colin