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Extreme Evolution
Darwin Day 2012: Cooking the Tree of Life
Wednesday: February 8, 2012 - 7:00PM
$5.00 in the Clark Auditorium

The foods we eat every day are some of the best examples of evolutionary adaptation. In celebration of Charles Darwin's birthday, the State Museum presents an evening program in which a local food expert teams up with an evolutionary biologist to prepare delicious food while providing both a culinary and scientific perspective on the main ingredients.

Got Milk? How about Cheesecake?
Milk production is an adaptation that triggered the evolutionary radiation of mammals, and the adoption of dairy practices was an important element in the development of early human civilizations. Join Museum Scientist Dr. Jeremy Kirchman and Dr. Reid Ivy, creamery manager for Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, as they consider the evolution of mammals, milk production, and the ingenious ways that humans (with help from bacteria) have used this amazing mammalian adaptation to create some of our richest culinary pleasures. Enjoy some fresh local milk from Meadowbrook Dairy, taste a marvelous diversity of sheep, cow, and goat cheeses from our friends at Old Chatham and the Honest Weight Food CO-OP, and some decadent cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo.

A $5 donation to cover the cost of food will be accepted at the door. Beer and Wine will be available for purchase.

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