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Preserving Tradition and Understanding the Past: Papers from the Conference on Iroquois Research, 2001–2005
Edited by Christine Sternberg Patrick


Title Pages and Preface:
Christine Sternberg Patrick
pages i–x: PDF 113kb

A Brief History of the Conference on Iroquois Research
Barbara Graymont and Christine Sternberg Patrick
arrowpages 1–4: PDF 81kb

Chapter 1:
Stylistic and Technological Analysis of Ceramic Vessels from the Bailey Site, Onondaga County, New York
Christina B. Rieth and Elizabeth Horton (2004)
arrowpages 5–14: PDF 238kb

Chapter 2:
The Eldest Medicine: Red Osier Dogwood in Iroquois Folklore and Mythology
Anthony Wonderley (2002)
arrowpages 15–24: PDF 215kb

Chapter 3:
Iroquois Mourning and Condolence Installation Rituals: A Pattern of Social Integration and Continuity
Denis Foley (2001)
arrowpages 25–34: PDF 451kb

Chapter 4:
Iroquois Beadwork: A Haudenosaunee Tradition and Art
Dolores Elliott (2002)
arrowpages 35–48: PDF 784kb

Chapter 5:
Diplomatic Turning Point in the West: The Six Nations and the Ohio Confederacy, 1792–1794
Timothy D. Willig (2005)
arrowpages 49–60: PDF 524kb

Chapter 6:
The Haudenosaunee Environmental Protection Process (HEPP):
Reinforcing the Three Principles of Goodmindedness, Peacefulness, and Strength to Protect the Natural World
Brenda E. LaFrance, and James E. Costello (2005)
arrowpages 61–68: PDF 48kb

Chapter 7:
The History of Akwesasne: A Collaborative Project
Salli M. Kawennotakie Benedict (2003)
arrowpages 69–78: PDF 160kb

Presentations at the Conference on Iroquois Research, 2001–2005

arrowpages 79–83: PDF 76kb

arrowpage 84: PDF 44kb

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