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First occurrence of Dissakisite-(Ce) and Jamborite in New York

Jamborite detail

Dissakisite-(Ce) - Ca(Ce,REE)(Mg,Fe2+)(Al,Fe3+)2Si3O12(OH) - the magnesium analogue of the more common allanite (Ce), was found in a specimen from the Henry Rudy Farm, in Orange County. It occurs as millimeter-size pink crystals associated with chondrodite, spinel, and phlogopite in marble (Franklin Marble). To our knowledge, this is the first reported occurrence of this mineral in North America.  

Jamborite, (Ni2+Ni3+Co, Fe)(OH)2(OH,S,H2O), was found in a specimen from Antwerp, Jefferson County. It occurs as green sub millimeter-size crystals in a cavity in quartz. This is the third occurrence of this mineral in the USA. 

Jamborite detail
Dissakisite detail