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Celebrate Food History with a Fully Funded Roadside Marker from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation

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William G. Pomeroy Foundation 
Patriot Burials Marker Grant Program

This article originally appeared on the William G. Pomeroy Foundation website.

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation is now accepting online applications nationwide for its newly established Hungry for History® grant program, which funds the creation of roadside markers that celebrate the history of America’s most iconic and beloved food dishes.

Launched by the Pomeroy Foundation in 2021 to help communities showcase their unique foods, the Hungry for History marker program commemorates the role local and regional food specialties have played in defining American culture and forging community identity.

“From beef on weck to buckwheat cakes, we’re delighted with the wonderful variety of foods communities across the country are celebrating with fully funded Hungry for History markers,” said Deryn Pomeroy, Trustee and Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Pomeroy Foundation. “People are proud of the foods that are deeply connected to their communities and Hungry for History is an exciting opportunity to bring greater attention to those important local dishes.” Read more...