New Signage Program Celebrates History Along the Great American Rail-Trail

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Patriot Burials Marker Grant Program

This article originally appeared on the William G. Pomeroy Foundation website.

A new program of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) and the William G. Pomeroy Foundation will draw attention to the history that is embedded in the route of the Great American Rail-Trail. A series of historic markers will be installed along the 3,700-mile route of the developing trail, one of RTC’s signature programs, between Washington, D.C. and Washington State.

“The Great American Rail-Trail connects people to the richness of the nation’s landscapes, cultures and heritage. This program is so meaningful because it will draw attention to the stories, people, places and events that are important to the communities the trail serves—building deeper connections between people and place,” said Kevin Belanger, RTC’s project manager for the Great American Rail-Trail. “There are fascinating stories and snapshots of history all along the Great American Rail-Trail, if you know where to look.” Read more...