Small but Mighty: How IMLS Helps Small Museums

This article originally appeared on the Institue of Museum and Library Services website January, 2018.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services takes pride in being the primary source of federal support for American museums. The museums we support are in every state and territory and represent a wide range of disciplines, missions, and sizes.  

Four years ago, IMLS realigned the Museums for America (MFA) grant program, adjusting a requirement that may have kept museums with smaller budgets and fewer resources from applying. We now allow applicants to apply for up to $25,000 with no cost sharing. This is unlike other MFA grants, which require at least a one-to-one non-federal cost share. By eliminating the cost sharing requirement at that level, we’ve opened the doors to applicants seeking support for projects with a smaller scope. Over the past four years, IMLS has awarded 200 of these grants, totaling $4,551,525.  Read more...