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Editorial for Special Issue “Minerals of the Southern Grenville Province”

TitleEditorial for Special Issue “Minerals of the Southern Grenville Province”
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRobinson, GW, Chiarenzelli, JR, Lupulescu, MV
Date Published03/2020
Notable geological associations include mineral occurrences hosted in a compositionally wide variety of igneous rocks including granitic and syenitic pegmatites, anorthosite and related anorogenic plutonic rocks, carbonatites, and iron-oxide–apatite (IOA) deposits. Numerous localities are also hosted in, or influenced by, metasedimentary rocks. Of particular significance are the extensive marble and calc-silicate gneisses of the Grenville Supergroup, including associated skarns and enigmatic calcite vein-dikes. In addition, minerals related to granulite-facies metamorphism, hydrothermal alteration, supergene mineralization, and weathering occur in many diverse Grenville lithologies and/or crosscut them.