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NYSM Carousel Horse

Saddle up, the Carousel is Open!

This beloved attraction has been restored and is ready to ride! We invite everyone to come and experience this iconic carousel from New York State.

Pride Month Logo 2023

June is Pride Month!

The NYSM is celebrating LGBTQ+ history as we highlight some of our collections that tell the stories of LGBTQ+ New Yorkers and share additional resources.

Refugees behind the fence at Fort Ontario

The Fort Ontario Refugee Shelter (1944–1946)

This exhibition feature tells the story of 982 Jewish Holocaust refugees who found temporary refuge at Fort Ontario during World War II. It is a story of resilience and struggle, but also of hope and survival.

Discovery Place Logo

Rediscover the NYSM's Discovery Place!

Now open from 10am-4pm, young visitors are encouraged to explore, investigate, play, and learn in this lively hub for curious young minds. 

New York Minute in History

A New York Minute in History: Radio Cloak and Dagger

The latest A New York Minute in History episode tells the recently declassified story of a covert radio station built by the FBI on Long Island to deceive the Nazis during World War II. Listen in to uncover a world of double agents, coded operations, and untold secrets.

Poached Elephant (CC 3.0)

Exhibition Feature: Illegal Ivory Trade

Every 15 Minutes an elephant is killed for the illegal ivory trade. Discover efforts taken by NYS DEC to end black-market ivory trade and protect endangered species.

Online Resources Portal

Online Resources & Activities Portal

Looking for easy-to-access educational activities, videos, and resources for your kids, students, or even just for yourself? Visit this educational one-stop-shop webpage based on NYSM research and collections.

Women Who Lead

From the Collection: Women Who Lead 

New York Metropolis Hall

This exhibition feature brings together objects and artworks that highlight the contributions of women to New York.

The Capitol Pressroom

Museum Gallery Renewal Project Overview

In this recent Capitol Pressroom podcast, NYSM Director Mark Schaming discusses the  Museum Gallery Renovation Project.



Online! Tonalism: Pathway from the Hudson River School to Modern Art

Briefly on view at the Museum in 2020, the exhibition closed early due to Covid-19. The lenders generously agreed to allow these works to be exhibited online indefinitely, giving viewers the chance to explore the exhibition at their leisure.

Timbuctoo: Gerrit Smith's Experiment

Exhibit Feature: Timbuctoo: Gerrit Smith’s Experiment

Discover more about this new addition to Adirondack Hall, on view May 5, 2002, through July 1, 2023.

Clufffalo: Art Omi, 2017 by Charles Cough

On View: Charles Clough's "Clufffalo: Art Omi"

Charles Clough's monumental painting has just been installed in New York Hall. Learn more about this colossal collaboration!

Mohawk steelworker, 1970 by David Grant Noble

On View in New York Metropolis Hall

This riveting photographic series by David Grant Noble features Mohawk steelworkers on the job in 1970.

Ice Ages

Ice Ages

This long-term exhibition explores both the landscape and animals of the Pleistocene, or Ice Ages, of New York.

COVID-19 Logo

NYS COVID-19 Documentation Initiative

The NYS Office of Cultural Education has created the NYS COVID-19 Documentation Initiative website to help statewide organizations document, share, and support one another throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

NYSED Statement on Museum Deaccessioning

The New York State Board of Regents (“the Regents”) charters museums in New York State as educational corporations and has governing authority over these incorporated organizations. Orgranizations with questions regarding deaccession regulations can review this document or contact Chartering.

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