Home-work: Educational Activities from the NYSM that You Can Do from Home!

Fun with Architecture

Educators, Caregivers, and Students! Enjoy these architecturally-focused activities from Museum Instructor, Kat Morehouse at home.

New York State has some really awesome architecture. If you were designing a city, what would your buildings look like?

Check out the Empire State Plaza in Albany, an icon of 20th century Modernist Architecture with this online exhibit: http://exhibitions.nysm.nysed.gov/Plaza50/

Look at New York City through the eyes of photographer Bernice Abbott who captured “Changing New York” in the 1930’s while working on a WPA project with this online exhibit: http://exhibitions.nysm.nysed.gov/abbott/pageflash.html

ACTIVITY: Design your own city!
Draw the layout of your city or try your hand at a 3D model using blocks or other objects you have at home.