Dr. Christopher Minty Presents: Unfriendly to Liberty: Loyalist Networks and the Coming of the American Revolution in New York


Discover the complicated history of New Yorkers who remained loyal to Britain during the American Revolution with author Dr. Christopher Minty. Dr. Minty will explore the local politics, factions, institutions, and behaviors that governed Loyalist’s political activities in the buildup to the American Revolution. Minty analyzes these factors to show how New York Loyalists came together to form an organized, politically motivated, and diverse political group.

About the Presenter:
Christopher Minty received his PhD from the School of History and Politics at the University of Stirling, Scotland. His dissertation examines the origins of community in New York during the imperial crisis, c. 1763–1775, and it primarily focuses on those colonists who would go on to become loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution. He was awarded research fellowships from the British Library, the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at Colonial Williamsburg, the New York State Archives, and Harvard University.


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