NYSM Archaeologist Talks Trash with the New Amsterdam History Center

Trash Talk graphic - Manahatta and Manhattan


Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas


On Thursday, February 8 from 6-7:30pm, NYSM Historical Archaeologist Michael Lucas joins the New Amsterdam History Center for the online event, "Trash Talk: A Lively Discussion of 17th Century Refuse, Recycling, and the Reshaping of Manahatta's Shoreline." 

What was “trash” in 17th-Century New Amsterdam? Who tossed it? Where was it tossed? Who collected or neglected it? How did trash change the shape and shoreline of Manahatta? What do anthropologists and archeologists make of 400-year-old shards and bones? How does the debris help interpret the story of old New Amsterdam and today’s New York? 

Registration is required. 

Learn how to view the New Amsterdam History Center panel discussion online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trash-talk-tickets-799064823397?aff=erelexpmlt