Lauren Roberts


Lauren earned her B.A. in American Studies and Anthropology from Skidmore College in 2004 and her M.A. in Public History from the University of Albany in 2005. Lauren worked as a researcher for Curtin Archaeological Consulting, Inc. from 2004 to 2009 performing background research for archaeological digs across the state. From 2007 to 2014 Lauren was appointed historian of the Town of Day, a small rural community located in the northwestern corner of Saratoga County. In 2009 she became the Saratoga County Historian and remains in that position today. She is also the Region 5 coordinator for APHNYS.

Saratoga County was formed in 1791 from Albany County and has a rich and dramatic history. From mineral springs to rivers and canals, water has played a significant role in shaping the story of Saratoga County. One of the current projects Lauren is working on centers on a lesser known body of water- the Great Sacandaga Lake. Located in the northwest corner of Saratoga County and continuing into Fulton County this manmade lake was created in 1930 to control the flow of the Hudson River in times of flood and drought. In order to create this vast reservoir hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes and move to higher ground. Structures were moved or burned, stumps and trees were removed, and dams, bridges and new roads created. Lauren is working with other municipal historians around the Sacandaga Valley as well as with Pepe Productions to produce a one hour documentary on the creation of The Great Sacandaga, which is set to be released this summer.