Intricacy of Applied Stratigraphic Nomenclature

TitleIntricacy of Applied Stratigraphic Nomenclature
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsFisher, DW
JournalThe Journal of Geology
Failure to employ stratigraphie terms, as set forth in the Stratigraphic Code, has resulted in a situation perplexing to both professional and student geologists. To demonstrate that multiform usage is illogical and confusing, examples are presented from the Paleozoic section in New York State to show the varying ways in which the term "formation," fundamental in stratigraphy, has been used. Formation should be used only for lithogenetic (rock) units on geologic maps. Closer adherence to the Stratigraphie Code is advocated, in order to stabilize and clarify stratigraphy. If it is necessary to revise the Stratigraphie Code in the light of recent techniques in stratigraphy, the opinions of the current American Commission on Stratigraphie Nomenclature should be obtained.