Oil and Gas Developments in Northeastern States in 1965

TitleOil and Gas Developments in Northeastern States in 1965
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsRichards, HG, Taylor, EF, Kreidler, WL, Van Tyne, AM, Lytle, WS, McGlade, WG, Wagner, WR, McCord, WR, Norling, DL, Johnson, AW, Alkire, RL
JournalAAPG Bulletin

The area covered by this report includes the New England States and the States of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

There was no drilling activity along the Atlantic Coastal Plain north of North Carolina, but some offshore seismic surveying was done. The one exploratory well drilled in Maryland discovered a gas pool in the Oriskany. An important but unsuccessful wildcat was drilled in Virginia to a depth of 14,176 ft.

An unsuccessful wildcat was drilled in Vermont (Champlain basin) to a depth of 5,120 ft.

In New York State there were 4 new gas discoveries (2 in Oriskany, 2 in Medina). Major exploratory emphasis was on pre-Silurian unconformities in the counties just south of Lake Ontario.

Exploration in Pennsylvania resulted in 5 new gas discoveries. Drilling was for sandstone gas production from the Oriskany in the west-central and southern counties, and for production from the Lower Silurian and older formations in Crawford and Erie Counties. Many wells also were drilled in old shallow-sandstone oil areas of Warren and Venango Counties.

One new shallow oil field and one new deep-sandstone gas field were discovered in West Virginia. Important drilling was done in the north-central counties for oil and gas in the Big Injun Sand (Middle Mississippian) and for gas in the Riley-Benson Sands (Upper Devonian). Drilling for Oriskany Sandstone (Lower Devonian) gas continued in Hampshire, Hardy, Jackson, Putnam, and Monongalia Counties. The deepest well drilled in the state (unsuccessful wildcat) was a 13,000-ft. test in Grant County.

Drilling activity in central Ohio again was directed toward the Cambrian (Copper Ridge Dolomite, "Trempealeau"). Scattered exploratory drilling took place in the northern, northeastern, and south-central parts of the state. Production from the Silurian Albion Sandstone ("Clinton") increased during the year whereas that from the Mississippian Berea Sandstone remained about the same as in 1964.