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November is New York State History Month. This is a time to celebrate New York State history and recognize that no other state represents American history better than New York.

    New York in 1600 (Detail)

    1917 Suffrage Parade (Detail)

    Grain Elevator at New York Central &
    Hudson River Railroad
  • It was here in New York that Native Americans created the Iroquois Confederacy before the arrival of European explorers and settlers.
  • Here that colonial New Yorkers set precedents for freedom of religion and freedom of the press.
  • Here that New Yorkers halted British invasions of the US at Saratoga in 1777 and Plattsburgh in 1814.
  • Here that Alexander Hamilton and John Jay led the fight to ratify the US Constitution.
  • Here that George Washington was inaugurated as the nation's first president.
  • Here that the Erie Canal opened the western United States to trade and settlement.
  • Here that Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper created the first great American literature and Thomas Cole and Frederick Church launched the nation's first significant art movement.
  • Here that the Woman's Rights Movement took shape at Seneca Falls.
  • Here that Frederick Douglass and Harriett Tubman redefined American freedom. Here that more money, materiel, and manpower were raised than in any other state to fight the Civil War and rid the US of slavery.
  • Here that workers and entrepreneurs drove the country's economic growth and later confronted the social and environmental consequences of industrialization, urbanization, and suburbanization.
  • Here that the Statue of Liberty welcomed immigrants from every corner of the globe.
  • Here that Wall Street became the business capital of the world.
  • Here that Babe Ruth hit home runs, here that Broadway became the world center of commercial theater, here that television enjoyed its Golden Age, and here that New Yorkers continue to lead America to a brighter future.

November is also the month to recognize the many contributions of New York's state and local historians and the dynamism and diversity of its historical community. New York's scholars work in world class universities and community colleges; its curators thrive in museums of every size and shape and at historic sites of every description; its preservationists maintain the built environment; its librarians and archivists preserve the written record and make it available to researchers; its genealogists keep alive the history of New York families; its re-enactors and living history practitioners bring history to life; and its local and community historians serve as legally mandated officials in every county, borough, city, town, and village in New York.

For an overview of the work being done by New York's historians during State History Month and throughout the year, please visit the following web sites:

Albany Institute of History and Art, 
Association for Public Historians of New York State,
Center for Applied Historical Research,
Government Appointed Historians of Western New York,
Museum Association of New York/Museumwise,
New-York Historical Society,
New York Humanities Council ,  
New York Library Association,
New York State Archives,
New York State Council for Social Studies,
New York State Historical Association,
New York State Library,
New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center,
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation,  
Path Through History, 
The Buffalo History Museum,   
The New York Genealogical & Biological Society,
The New York History Blog, 

Immigrants Dancing circa 1890, Castle Garden, New York
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