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House, H.D., 1930. A Collection of Plants from Point Abino, Ontario. Canadian Field Naturalist 44, 117-119.
House, H.D., 1933. Concerning Cumonda Cinnanomea f. Frondosa. American Fern Journal 29, 95-96.
House, H.D., 1920. A Consideration of Certain Genera Proposed by Ehrhart. American Midland Naturalist 6, 200-207.
House, H.D., 1920. The Genus Aetopteron, Ehrhart. American Fern Journal 10, 88-89.
House, H.D., 1932. Let Wild Flowers Grow. Hobbies 12, 188-193.
House, H.D., 1922. Nomenclatorial Nates on Certain American Plants-II. American Midland Naturalist 8, 61-64.
House, H.D., 1921. Nomenclatorial Notes on Certain American Plants.-I. American Midland Naturalist 73, 126-135.
House, H.D., Ransier, H.E., Benedict, R.C., 1926. Saving the Hart's-Tongue. American Fern Journal 16, 33-44.
House, H.D., 1934. Saving the Scolopendrium Fern. American Fern Journal 24, 65-71. doi:10.2307/1544360
House, H.D., 1933. Scott's Splenwort in Dutches County, New York. American Fern Journal 23, 122-124.
House, H.D., 1931. Tree Planting for the 1932 Washington Commemoration. New York State Bulletin to the Schools 17, 172-173.