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Behind the Scenes

The research and collections areas offer fascinating opportunities to work with Museum scientists and collections managers. A background appropriate to the field is helpful, but not required. However, interest, enthusiasm, and commitment is important. Many of our "Behind the Scenes" positions may entail clerical work, data entry, specimen handling, research or some combination there of.

Applications for the research areas are screened by museum historians and collections staff in those areas. Volunteers in collections and research provide support in the following areas:

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Research & Collections Internships

Research and Collections Care and Management interns work with staff from the collections and research areas directly. They will be involved with the development and implementation of plans for the proper storage, conservation, and exhibition of the items from the Museum's collection. Interns work with staff to improve collection descriptions while having access to original items and the collections.

There are a number of specialized placement options for internships in Anthropology, Archeology, Biology, Geology, or History Departments. Specific tasks in each vary.

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